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who we are

In recent years, Brazil has undertaken profound changes that have led the airport system to a new era. Since the beginning of the concession process, with the transfer of the main Brazilian airports to private management, there has been an evolution in Brazilian terminals towards the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

In the last 10 years, concessionaires have invested more than 12 billion reais to increase the quality of airports and, consequently, to promote improvements in service to air transport users in Brazil. In addition, the services contracted with the Public Power will also allow the realization of more than 11 billion in investments in the coming years, ensuring that Brazil has security and availability of airports capable of meeting the expected evolution for the industry.

Aeroportos do Brasil (ABR) is the voice of Brazilian airports and is the only association representing all awarded federal airports. We act with technical discussions and active and decisive presence in the defense of the legitimate interests of our associates, working in favor of security, stability and predictability in constant interaction and cooperation with public authorities and civil society institutions.

We are Aeroportos do Brasil: the country takes off from here.

Strategic Dimension of Airport Concessions

  • Investments
  • Logistics Efficiency
  • Modernization of Brazilian Airports

During the last 10 years, Brazil's airport concession program has been fundamental for the modernization, efficiency and competitiveness of the country’s airports.

59 Aeroportos

59 airports

awarded in the last 10 years(7 rounds)

1,74 Milhão

1.74 million

flights per
1,5 Milhão

1.5 million

tons of cargo
transported per year

+ R$ 28,5 Bilhões

US$ 5.7 billion +

invested in modernization and renovations
150 Mil

Around 150,000

direct jobs
220 Milhões

220 million

passengers served
R$ 57 Bilhões

R$ 57 Bilhões

Approximately in concessions collected so far